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January 2011


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Jan. 7th, 2011

Memory #26

Memory 26 - Neutral Significant - Day 202

Battleship hotel. It also explodes. [Volume 14, Chapter 6]

What She Learned

What This Means

((I think my new years resolution is to finally go back and write up these memories tomorrow when I get home from work. EDIT: WOW quickest loss of resolution ever. MAYBE TOMORROW))

Nov. 21st, 2010

Memory #25

Memory 25 - Negative Neutral - Day 191

RUSHING WATER and Senior takes the air right out of her lungs. She does slap her awake later though. [Volume 21, Chapter 1]

What She Learned

What This Means

Memory #24

Memory 24 - Negative Trivial - Day 186

Being ignored by a door in the base (which let Senior in just fine), after having changed into uniform. [Volume 21, Chapter 2]

What She Learned

What This Means

Sep. 8th, 2010

Memory #23

Memory 23 - Neutral Significant - Day 165 sometime

Being aloof as she competes with Excel and Hyatt for the first time, as maids in a hotel (which has exploded when she returns from the store) [Volume 7, Chapters 6,7]

What She Learned

What This Means

asdhg I hadn't even written up the last one, now I need to do so tomorrow

Aug. 23rd, 2010

Memory #22

Memory 22 - Negative Neutral - Not Yet Taken

Emerging from a rock wall after having been embedded in it, with Senior [Volume 21, Chapter 3]

What She Learned:

What This Means:

((will fill this in later, posting so I don't forget about it))

Aug. 7th, 2010

Memory #21

Memory #21 - ??? - Day 155

Tearing, unraveling, half of you rails against the madness while the other slips away, sliding into a soft nothing. There's so much you can't remember now, all of it pulling apart like so many threads. The important things are there though... You are sure of that.

What she learned:
- She was losing her memory, slowly though the core of her being was safe.
- Some sort of mind split?

What this means:
- She is less likely to sit on berries, in fact she will have taken her next (last?) memory once she was alone.
- She is wondering if this is why people can 'read her mind'.
- She wonders if she was sick, be it mentally or physically, because whatever caused that hasn't been present so far. Perhaps that was her wish?

Aug. 6th, 2010

Memory #20

Memory #20 - Positive Trivial - Day 155? (not yet taken) [cookies]

Hailing Il-Palazzo ("Plus Elgala, a beautiful girl... shall follow you even into the white-hot radiation of our galactic core!")[Volume 8, Chapter 3]

What she learned:
- Lord Il Palazzo is her lord! More confirmation at least.
- They might be space aliens... or astronauts?

What this means:
- It means she'll have more of girl-crush on Il Palazzo than ever before and even be more competitive for his affections. ...Once she sees him again.

Jul. 7th, 2010

Memory #19

Memory #19 - Positive-Trivial - Day 146

Sleeping with her ~special pillow~ that she cannot sleep without.

What she's learned:
- How to be entirely spoiled by a pillow and how absolutely comfortable it is.

What this means:
- She is going to be absolutely miserable.
- She won't be able to sleep well for a while until: She earns the pillow in a solo mission, finds a replacement, or learns to adjust.
- She'll probably be looking for replacements. She won't object to lap pillows, but she may be nicking anything that looks soft for a trial run.

May. 12th, 2010

Memory #18

Memory #18 - Positive-Neutral - Day 127

PIDGEON DAY. Sauteed pidgeon with dubious herbs accompanied by Chateau de Leave-some-fruit-in-the-sun. [Skills: Cooking+1,
WINEMAKING] [Volume 21, Chapter 5]

What she's learned:
- How to COOK with limited resources. She can now appropriately use Sabra's herbs to create things that are not bad. Can cook fish rather nicely.
- WINE. She has learned what fermenting is all about and while she did it before by putting it out in the sun, it should still work in Sabra though it won't come out as well.

What this means:
- She's cooking for her team more!
- She definitely has a jar or something of wine in the making at any given moment made out of berries. Likely starting with regular berries and then mixing in some of the sleep berries and experimenting with that.

Apr. 17th, 2010

Memory #17

Memory #17 - Positive-Significant - Day 123(?)

- Destroying buildings and bridges with fire and plastic explosives for the praise of Lord Il Palazzo [Volume 11, Chapter 8]

What she learned:
- EXPLOSIVES. What kind of explosives there are from C4 to grenades and everything inbetween. Bombs bombs bombs bombs.
- HOW TO BE SNEAKY. She spends a good portion of this memory skulking around in the dark in tight clothing, she has a good idea how to avoid notice now, and this will only be easier in Sabra where there isn't light everywhere.
- Structural Design. Part of blowing things up is knowing what is load bearing. Since she knows how to have something collapse in on itself, it's easy enough to figure out how to make things steady and well designed as the inverse.
- She is kind of a terrorist after all? But she's not killing anyone! These are all for the good of the city.

What this means:
- If she ever needs to use explosives, she'll be able to use them really really well.
- She's kind of a ninja now, if she wants to be. She's not perfectly silent or anything ridiculous but she knows what to look out for, how to stay out of sight and how not to make a noise when necessary.
- She's even better at building things than she ever was before, but mostly structures.

Jan. 3rd, 2010

GM Game Results!

Not feeling like playing it out at the moment but this is basically how the game affected Elgala:

Initially, she was pensive, and then when nothing really happened to them, relieved. Then when things DID start happening to Pavo she got really worked up and panicky. Add to this Howl and Luna being new and she felt very overwhelmed with responsibility and fear, to put it generally.

Things kept happening, such as Sunny dying and NOT COMING HOME, and Elgala kind of gave up. Life sucks, and even if I die I'm coming back tomorrow for it to suck some more. She didn't really want to hurt anyone but it was becoming fairly obvious that everyone else had no issues hurting her. Or her team, specifically.

She didn't really want to do anything that would weigh on her conscience (basically anything Feathers would disapprove of) but she was feeling particularly vengeful on the last day. She was going to suggest playing their kill cards until she saw Lepus all dead and then she realized she'd be causing something like that, and her conscience combined with Kenshin's insistence had her suggest the cards she did. She wasn't lying when she hoped it would block attacks and/or keep them out of debt though, but she was optimistic and thought that it would be enough.

It wasn't.

Now that they're in debt and have some sort of additional punishment hanging over their heads yet to be fulfilled, even for only -3 orbs, she is wondering how that is measured and is back to being a crybaby about it. She however, has some repressed anger and will not hesitate to strike at anyone who tries to hurt her, or any of her teammates near her. She's nowhere near plotting revenge or anything like that if something happens, though. In the future if a quick and easy situation presents itself, if she thinks it in her interests she'll take it even if it means killing someone else, though, and won't hesitate suggesting cruel means to an end... unless Feathers is around.

Edit More thoughts to come, too!

On Debt - Debt alone bothers Elgala a lot, just the thought that she owes anyone anything and that she doesn't have plenty and basically everything it means. Debt to a JUDGE in this case means something horrible. She did what she thought she needed to AVOID this. But no, other teams decided Pavo was a prime target! Of note, except for Lepus and Canis, EVERY OTHER TEAM had someone on their team who didn't want to attack them, for some reason or the other. Which means that those teams didn't think the same of them.

Let's look at the list:Read more... )

Considering that they had very few teams they could attack, and their cards were REALLY BAD, Pavo did their absolute best and only intentionally killed one person. (S-sadly it was Lepus and thus they started their age of vengeance) They ended up killing Cloud too, but they have no idea because it was a Random card :( Even on the last day Elgala only played cards that she thought wouldn't kill anyone, on teams she wasn't entirely clear on why they weren't attacking (well, and Canis).

Jan. 1st, 2010

Elgala Stats

Hit Points: A
Magic Points: B
Strength: A
Defense: B
Magic: B
Magic Defense: C
Intelligence: B
Wisdom: D
Will: D
Dexterity: A
Speed: B
Stamina: A
Health: A

Elgala is fairly strong in most categories. Above average at least- she's able to keep up with Excel in most categories, while not actually being as good in them as her. She's able to take a huge amount of damage and survive as well- in fact, it's likely she'd be rather unstoppable if it weren't for the fact that she gives up at the first sight of pain/hopelessness and kind of just complains and hopes someone else fixes it. However if that goes on long enough she'll do it herself (or try) simply out of self preservation, if running doesn't work first.

I'm saying she has an above average magic affinity due to the chapter where she saw ghosts and mystical things rather easily, even surprising the landlady with information that other people hadn't noticed (especially so quickly). However, her defense isn't anything to write home about, magically.

As far as fighting goes, she's rather capable, being a swordsman in her own right of some vague great skill. She hasn't recalled this in Sabra (beyond knowing she can use a sword and some basic abilities- putting her above a normal person at least). She's not exactly able to shrug off damage so much as she can take lethal force and survive it. In a hypothetical situation she'll have a fractured/broken/bruised everything but most other people would've went splat immediately.

Nov. 30th, 2009

Memory #12

Significant-Positive: Giant holographic Il Palazzo [Volume 13, Chapter 2]

What she's learned:
- The name of their organization ACROSS, for the Surpreme Ideological Ideal On Earth.
- Giant Holographic Il Palazzo is amaaaaaazing.
- ACROSS has conquered the city!
- This was after an absence of sort? All three of them were in uniform and ~on camera~ previous to the surprising holograph.
- That memory where she was wearing weird clothes is apparently her ACROSS uniform, as she was wearing it then too.

What this means:
She's totally ~AMAZED~ at Il Palazzo/Silver now. Like WHOAH~ She no longer doubts ACROSS's ~loyal purpose~ either. Basically this has increased her solidarity to Lucky/Silver and makes them #2 right behind Pavo.

What? You didn't think she'd put them #1 right? That was there and this is here.

Sep. 26th, 2009

Stats and/or Power Retention

Age: ??? Anywhere from 18 to mid-20s
Height: Redacted
Weight: Less than Excel
Eyes: Purple?
Hair: Purple?
Appearance: Her large curls seem to be natural, as they persist even when wet and she is never seen without them, even while not able to do much in the way of hair styling. Her bust is also rather large, which she likely will emphasize in some way, having gone so far to tailor a prisoner uniform to that extent. Rather attractive and likely to flaunt it.

Character Name: Elgala (Alias: Kasumi Munakata)
Unit: Pavo
Description of powers: Extensive skill with a sword.
Strength/Extent of powers: World-class sword fighter? Full extent is unknown, other than she is rather talented at it, especially the blinding draw. "No sooner has the blade left my sheath then five bunches of wet straw are severed in its arc."
Innate: Kind of. The stamina one gets from such skills is a bit more than your average person. She can survive things that will kill a normal person, but she doesn't just shrug it off either.
Memory related: Yes
Relation to memory: Definitely linked to her training (which is unknown), though any moment in which she thought of using it would bring back some skill.

Memory Registry

Happy-Significant Happy-Neutral Happy-Trivial

  • Drinking sake with Excel and Hyatt, and all the enjoyment of this until sobering. [Volume 10, Chapter 5]

  • Destroying buildings and bridges with fire and plastic explosives for the praise of Lord Il Palazzo [Volume 11, Chapter 8]

  • Giant holographic Il Palazzo [Volume 13, Chapter 2]

  • Il Palazzo teleporting in and SAVING HER (and not Excel) from the GOD-CRAZED CRIMINAL AND RE-UNITING WITH HYATT IN THE ACROSS BASE.[loyalty+++] [vol 15, mission 3]

  • BEING RICH, and the disturbing President Excel [vol 15, mission 5,6]

  • Walking Menchi, with Excel in chase. Terms like 'lean red meat' and 'dog made entirely from foie gras' are thrown about. [Volume 8, Chapter 5]

  • PIDGEON DAY. Sauteed pidgeon with dubious herbs accompanied by Chateau de Leave-some-fruit-in-the-sun. [Skills: Cooking+1,
    WINEMAKING] [Volume 21, Chapter 5]

  • Hailing Il-Palazzo ("Plus Elgala, a beautiful girl... shall follow you even into the white-hot radiation of our galactic core!")[Volume 8, Chapter 3]

  • Big fancy party for ILL, with the confrontation between Il Palazzo and Kabapu. [vol 15, mission 6]

  • Sleeping with her ~special pillow~ that she cannot sleep without.

Neutral-Significant Neutral-Neutral Neutral-Trivial

  • Being aloof as she competes with Excel and Hyatt for the first time, as maids in a hotel (which has exploded when she returns from the store) [Volume 7, Chapters 6,7]

  • The first time she witnesses Hyatt dying, and reacting to Excel's cold cold demeanor. [Volume 8, Chapter 7]

  • Walking through memory lane as she recalls how she lost nearly 10 million yen. [Volume 11, Chapter 1]

  • Battleship hotel. It also explodes. [Volume 14, Chapter 6]

  • Senior shouting the rules of ACROSS while beating up a robot. [Volume 21, Chapter 3]

  • Hyatt floating up in a drainage ditch alongside a ton of dead fish. Revelation of 'real' Senior. Hyatt spews. [Volume 21, Chapter 6]

  • Picking the lock to their second apartment. [Volume 9, Chapter 1]

  • Building Menchi a new bed (and then reviving Hyatt without complaint). [Volume 10, Chapter 3]

  • Kidnapping Ropponmatsu I (failure) [Volume 13, Chapter 4]

  • Infiltrating and finding mayoral corruption on the orders of President Excel, among other spy jobs. [stealth++][running+] [vol 15, mission 6]

  • Excel trying to drown her in the bath because she is not frugal enough. [Volume 9, Chapter 1]

  • Being yelled at after sitting on Il Palazzo's throne (and then hit) [Volume 12, Chapter 5]

  • Going tidepooling with Excel, that they might eat all the little creatures of the sea.

Sad-Significant Sad-Neutral Sad-Trivial

  • Telling Senior Excel about her vast adventures at sea including being on a fishing boat, slaying a bear, and finding pirate treasure and then raiding a dungeon Windwaker-style only to have her not believe her and accuse her of selling her body to afford the gold nugget. [Volume 11, Chapter 4]

  • Reprimanded by Lord Il Palazzo for wasting four months of precious time. [Volume 11, Chapter 4]

  • Prison Life before being sent to an island, and then JAILBREAK INTO THE OCEAN WITH SHARKS AND NOT BEING ABLE TO SWIM. [sewing+][lockpick+++] [vol 15, mission 3]

  • Excel and Hyatt running away from her when she is lost and trying to find her way to ACROSS Base. [volume 8, Chapter 2]

  • Witnessing Hyatt's body absorb an entire bucket of water after having left her outside dead for a day or two. [Volume 12, Chapter 1]

  • Emerging from a rock wall after having been embedded in it, with Senior [Volume 21, Chapter 3]

  • RUSHING WATER and Senior takes the air right out of her lungs. She does slap her awake later though. [Volume 21, Chapter 1]

  • Being knocked out by a thrown Nishiki [Volume 21, Chapter 3]

  • Senior's training, which consists of being tied up and thrown into a drainage ditch. Successful escape! Attempted revenge. [Skills: ESCAPING BONDS+++, HOLDING BREATH+, SWIMMING+++, BONDAGE TYING+++] [Volume 21, Chapter 6]

  • Falling into the pit (oubilette) with Excel. [volume 8, Chapter 6]

  • Falling over after putting on a nice swimsuit and rollerskates. [Volume 12, Chapter 1]

  • Excel teaching her how to make "cream of wheat" (week old bread crusts + mayo packets stolen from fast food places + warm water).

  • While in the sewers with Senior, making noise to stave off fear. [Volume 21, Chapter 1]

  • Being ignored by a door in the base (which let Senior in just fine), after having changed into uniform. [Volume 21, Chapter 2]

App Post

Character Name: Elgala (Alias: Kasumi Munakata)
Canon: Excel Saga
Reference picture and Wiki link: Reference Picture and Wiki
Point in the time-line taken:

Character History: Member of ACROSS (the Supreme Organization for the Institutionalization of the Ideological Ideal on Earth), and master of blades, Elgala handles the secret undercover work for her Lord Il Palazzo. Be it infiltrating a company for secrets spice blends or the government for state secrets, Elgala is the girl for the job. When not on such assignments, she lives with and assists her two seniors at ACROSS, Excel and Hyatt at various habitats such as apartment complexes and under bridges.

Canon Personality: Preferring the easy life of excess and not working hard, Elgala is a spoiled girl who can spend money faster than one can earn. Having full confidence in her beauty, talent, and appeal in every category, it would not be wrong to say she is a bit conceited. However, her life is full of ups and downs, so while she will boast and enjoy the high life, she will complain and cry about any setbacks or pitfalls she encounters - which is any time she is not living comfortably with spending money. Generally quick at making friendly to others as long as they're nice to her, Elgala is surprisingly skilled at going with the flow and blending in with others unless it happens to be her Senior Excel, whom she is constantly abused by. This is assisted by the fact that she displays a wide variety of skills, including sword fighting, cooking, carpentry, and gambling- all skills that she would claim should be fairly easy for any member of ACROSS. Despite being so skilled, she will be the first to leap at a shortcut or anything that would make life easier for her, unless it involves her beauty- something she will not mind spending plenty of time and money on. One more notable thing about her, however, is that she thinks out loud quite often without realizing it, vocalizing her inner thoughts and displaying intentions her outward demeanor would not hint at, and finds herself often having daydreams where she and Il Palazzo through circumstance are both victorious and alone with each other. These fantasies tend to provide more motivation than words could possibly achieve.

Blank Personality: As a blank, Elgala will have no memory of the high life, being pampered, name brand fashion, or anything associated with being a high class woman (or at least appearing as such). What this means is that while she will still will want to be pampered and have other people do her work for her, she won't be complaining about the lack of what she would consider basic necessities (her favorite pillow so she can sleep, a croissant and coffee in the morning, a television, or even running hot water), at least until she remembers how nice they are to have. That said, even without her memories, Elgala can pull herself by her bootstraps, being considerably tough when she has reason (loyalty and survival are prime motivations), though expect her to still panic or break down and cry if she thinks something is hopeless. Her internal monologue is still broken as well, so the major differences between a normal and Blank Elgala would be that she simply isn't as spoiled, she'll be less judgmental of people's actions (but not appearance) but also less likely to hide her dislike until she remembers having poise and decorum. Regarding her outward appearance, she won't initially be concerned about it compared to basic hygiene and cleanliness.

Writing Sample:

"I, bzzzt, give everything for my Lord to further his ideals-" when suddenly the video playing in the brass telescope seemed to speed, leaving the girl in the video soundlessly talking for a few minutes before it began playing again, "- I do this willingly" it ended before resetting.

The Blank watched the video again before twirled the telescope in her hands a bit and making a face. "I, ...whatever my name is, do not understand what is going on, without information being obviously withheld!" she thought to herself, only it was quite audible as she unknowingly said it aloud. Putting aside the brass device, she started to look around the room she found herself in as she hoped to find a clue as to where she was and why, but as she thought about it she realized she was missing more information than just that.

"I don't even know my name... my weight... my birthday...? They're all secrets from me! Did someone hit me on the head? Perhaps I, ..., have been victim to some horrible abuse and violence and have only woken up after suppressing such unbelievable, distressing memories? No... I can't think that way... I don't look hurt. But some injuries aren't visible! Am I a virgin maiden no longer?! Was I to begin with?! Someone, help!"

She continued to work herself into a panic before she tangled herself in herself up in her bedding and fell onto the floor, whereupon she started to cry in a very undignified way. The tears only stopped when she ended up rolling into the door to her room, which opened slightly. Comforted in the fact that she was not locked away somewhere for further use</>, she bit back her tears and decided that exploration was the better part of valor. At the very least, she might find someone who might be able to give her something to dry her eyes on.